General Guidelines About Online Voting

Who and what can I vote for?

yu votes are requested by groups and organizations on-campus. The group requesting the election determines who will be eligible for the election and supplies the voters list.

When you log into yu vote, you will only be able to see those elections that you are currently eligible for and those you have been eligible for in the past but that have not yet been removed from the system.

Who runs yu vote?

The yu vote system is maintained by UIT (University Information Technology).

What do I need to vote?

In order to vote you require a Passport York username and password to access the yuvote system.

What if I have problems voting?

If your problem is in regards to eligibility to vote, please contact Student Success Centre, South 172 Ross Building, 416-736-5144, email: They are the only group that can request to add your name to the voters list if appropriate. If you find that you are ineligible to vote, it may take up to 48 hours to have you added to the voters list.

If your problem is technical you should contact Help Desk at 416-736-5800 or email:

What if I have a disability that prevents me from using yu vote?

Persons with disabilities, who cannot vote through the yu vote system, will be given alternative means of voting. All reasonable accommodations will be made for persons with disabilities to cast their vote in all elections and referenda. Arrangements for students will be made through the Student Success Centre, South 172 Ross Building, 416-736-5144, email:

What about confidentiality and the privacy of my vote?

Generally, personal information is restricted and is available only to the person concerned.  University Information Technology, Student Success Centre and the University Secretariat will strictly enforce the University’s policy on the confidentiality of personal information during the yu vote process.

Full-time employees of York University run the yu vote system. University confidentiality policies, as well as the law of the Province of Ontario govern them.

The yu vote system is able to produce an information audit.  This information will tell UIT, Student Affairs and University Secretariat officials that a person with a given username successfully voted on a certain date and time.  The system will not reveal how a person cast his or her vote.